Electronic Payments make good Business sense

Posted april 29, 2015

Organizations looking to better compete in a networked economy are paying more attention to electronic payments. Today nearly 60% of all business payments are electronic. Moving forward, this will only accelerate, as electronic payments become a logical extension of business process improvements that are dramatically reshaping procure to pay operations. Here are the key factors driving organizations

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Influence the future with Predictive Analytics

Posted april 20, 2015

With Predictive Analytics, the possibilities are endless: predict buying behavior, manage financial risks, fight crime, avoid equipment downtime, and much more. Our consulting services can help you unleash the full power of Predictive Analytics – no matter your industry. Rely on our data scientists and experts to help you establish forward-looking, data-driven decision making throughout

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Posted april 15, 2015

Cloud computing is now evolving like never before! Therefore we would like to introduce you with 3 benefits of Cloud computing for human resources: Benefit 1: Fast access to innovation – in cloud, you have much faster access to innovation than you could ever get in the on-premise world so customers can actually use much

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Deliver customer experience before your competitors do

Posted april 9, 2015

To create customers who are loyal for life, you’ll need to deliver experiences that are consistent, relevant, and personalized – on any device or platform – and make them effortless to use and share, anytime, anywhere. Here is few advises from Infotrust how to improve your companies customer experience: 1. Uncover the insights in consumer

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